Fortnite: How to complete Reboot Rally quests and claim your rewards

fortnite reboot rally rewards
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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is finally here, and players new and old can enjoy the Reboot Rally. This event is aimed at helping newcomers and lapsed players get to grips with Fortnite's gameplay and challenge styles that have changed drastically over the years, and there are a bunch of tasty new rewards to get your hands on.

Alongside this new mode, the map has had a refresh with new POIs and NPCs, some of which you can hire to fight alongside you—you can see why that's going to be a big advantage in solo matches. There's also a new battle pass that includes the much anticipated Spider-Gwen skin. With all that in mind, let's take a look at how to get involved in the Reboot Rally. 

How to take part in Fortnite: Reboot Rally 

Reboot Rally is a limited-time event that runs until October 3 at 9 am ET/ 6 am PT/ 2 pm BST, so there's plenty of time to get all four rewards. To earn all of the rewards in Reboot Rally, you must be either:

  • A new player or a player who's played fewer than two hours of Fortnite in the 30 days prior to September 18, 2022.  
  • An active player who has played more than two hours of Fortnite prior to September 18, 2022. 

Regardless of whether you're a new or active player, you must team up with someone of the opposite status to earn your rewards. To access the event, open the Friends tab in the lobby sidebar and select Reboot Rally. You'll then see returning and new friends you can team up with to complete quests and bonus goals. 

You can team up with more than one person, too, if you have a good mix of new and active players. Quests for the event can be found on the Quests page, and you'll all earn points as you complete them. They mostly involve completing quests from the Daily Quests list and rallying your friends, which you can do from the Reboot Rally menu.

The rewards for Reboot Rally are all fire-related and actually look quite rad. You'll need to collect points by completing quests to unlock them so here's how many points you'll need for each: 

  • Barb-B-Q emoticon: 50 points
  • Fresh Forged wrap: 100 points 
  • Red Hot revenge pickaxe: 150 points 
  • Fiery Descent glider: 200 points 

You'll all earn points simultaneously and each of you can focus on different quests if you choose, so grab your pals and jump in.  

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