Fortnite pulls battle pass item accidentally being sold on the store

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Update: Epic has since confirmed that the track's introduction was a mistake, and announced on Twitter that it would be issuing the 200 V-Bucks refund to those who purchased the item from the store.

Original story: Epic Games has pulled an item from Fortnite's store that was for sale despite it being a reward on this season's battle pass.

The Wild Lobby Track, a music pack item from the newest Zero Crisis Finale event, is a level 70 reward in the Season 6 battle pass. Epic promised that it would never sell a battle pass item in its store, although it's run into some trouble previously with reskinned battle pass goodies.

Players noticed the hiccup over on reddit (thanks, Eurogamer), where u/gstaffEpic said that the item "shouldn't be there" and that Epic was "taking it out of the store." The Epic representative also said it was looking into a solution for those who had purchased the track, presumably in the form of a 200 V-Bucks refund which was the price of the item. 

A tweet previously showcasing the music track as a shop item was deleted from Fortnite's social channels before a statement was thrown up on the Fortnite Status Twitter account.

I've asked Epic if and when refunds are coming and will update this story if I get a response

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