Official NFL skins are coming to Fortnite

Official NFL Fortnite skins will be made available this Friday, November 9, Epic announced today. The skins will allow players to swap between any team or number they like, including a fictional Fortnite team if you're not ready to commit. One thing everyone will have to commit, however, is some money: the skins will only be available in the item shop, though the price hasn't been set yet. 

I'll nab one, I'm sure, even if I haven't been big on the NFL in recent years. As a rural Montana kid with no nearby teams to easily latch onto, we could only identify the varying bands of friend groups via whatever team adorned their oversized, puffy NFL jackets. It'll be Packers for me. 

The announcement arrives in the wake of Kevin the Cube's death (or rebirth). During a one-time in-game event, the cube exploded, briefly transporting all players to another dimension before turning into a transdimensional butterfly. This move technically makes the NFL canon in the world-hopping Fortnite universe. Just don't send the Cleveland Browns to save the day. 

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