Fortnite llamas are appearing all over Europe

Source: Reddit user Eversoris86

Over the weekend, a Durr Burger appeared in a California desert. 'Spotted' by a photographer, the surprise patty kicked off a rampant internet investigation with Fortnite players searching for meaning where it turns out very little would be. It was a fun, cute way to be advertised to, but so far there's been no puzzle to solve and no alternate reality game to play. 

Now there's more marketing to scratch our heads over. Huge plastic llamas have been found all over Europe because Epic Games paid people to put them there. The future clownfish habitats have been spotted in London, Barcelona, Cologne, and Warsaw so far, and players are making maps, studying coordinates, numbers, and harassing one another online in order to figure out what it all means. The mystery they're trying to solve has mostly already been solved:

Fortnite Season 5 kicks off this Thursday.

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Some players think the llama locations triangulate the location of a new burger-like site, some think they match a collection of pins and string at Ground Burger (this Fortnite ARG thread on Reddit explains it all and then some), but no clear connections or new information has been discovered yet. It appears the events are all time-gated, meant to tie in with the days leading up to the start of season 5.

It's all quite exhausting. I don't hate fun, I promise. I'm as excited as the next person for any information about season 5. There's just no game to this ARG, and that's a bummer.

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