Fortnite leak reveals Stranger Things crossover, new LTMs, and dozens of items

The Fortnite 9.30 update has been datamined, as tradition demands, revealing dozens of new items and the titles of upcoming Limited-Time Modes. FunGamesLeaks posted the pics in one big screenshot that you can see below.

'14 Days of Summer', 'Summer Splashdown' and 'Storm Chasers: Surfin'' seem to be titles for upcoming events, which suggests Fortnite will take a breezy holiday theme in the coming weeks. The leak shows new skins, emotes, items, pickaxes, gliders, wraps, and backblings.

On Twitter Lucas7Yoshi has been digging around the game files and found a full list of challenges as well as a snippet of code that hints at a future Stranger Things set.

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The new modes Builder's Paradise and Strategic Structures sound interesting. In Builder's Paradise a datamined description describes player-built structures as having "dramatically increased health". Building materials will drop more frequently and players can edit structures irrespective of which team built them. In Strategic Structures stone and metal walls are tougher but you have fewer resources—place each wall with care.

There's also a Tank Battle description.

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The pace of Fortnite updates shows no sign of slowing. For more, here's our guide to finding Fortnite's hidden Fortbytes, and everything we know about Fortnite Season 9.

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