Fortnite's jetpacks are live, here's where to find them and how they work

VIDEO: Where to find Fortnite's jetpacks and how they work

In today's Fortnite Season 4 content update, the jetpack is finally here, though it won't stick around forever. Epic Games has a list of the complete patch notes on the Fortnite blog, but the biggest takeaway should be the addition of a new Backpack item category. Jetpacks are the first of many Backpacks to come, with reports of an Eye of the Storm tracker in the wild too, an item that gives the player an early peek at the next storm circle before it happens.

But we all know the star of the show is the thing that makes you fly. Here's how to find Fortnite's jetpacks, and how they work. 

Where to find Fortnite's jetpacks

While they're part of the new Backpack item category, you'll find jetpacks anywhere you find other items. As part of the loot table, jetpacks can be found in chests or lying around if you're lucky enough. They're legendary rarity though, so don't expect to get one every match. That said, this week's new temporary mode is Solid Gold V2, which increases the chance of rare items dropping and guarantees legendary weapon drops. 

Starting this Friday, May 25, the Close Encounters temporary mode drops, which limits the loot table to shotguns and jetpacks. It's going to be very dumb. Can't wait.

How Fortnite's jetpacks work

As mentioned earlier, jetpacks are part of a new item type: Backpacks. They take up an inventory slot like everything else though, so expect to sacrifice healing or weapon space for the ability to fly high. They take over your back bling too, so fashion takes a hit for the cause. 

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To use the jetpack, you jump again in midair to engage its thrust, which propels you into the air or slows you on a rapid descent. It can't be used indefinitely and must recharge after a few seconds. The meters on the back deplete and the circle of light starts to blink to let you know when to take a break, so be sure to take them often. Fall damage still applies when using the jetpack.

The total remaining fuel for the jetpack is indicated by a green bar on its inventory slot. Once that depletes the jetpack is automatically destroyed, and your inventory slot opens again. 

What do they look like in action? 

They've only been available for a short time, but players are already using jetpacks in spectacular displays of skill. Here's a quick taste. 

Reddit user Pleben defies gravity (and expectations) with a no-scope victory.

Reddit user Ridgwd01 uses the jetpack to escape a crumbling sky base. 

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