Fortnite is giving away a Millennium Falcon glider for Winterfest

Fortnite has replaced its 14 Days of Fortnite event with Winterfest, but the important thing is that there are still challenges to complete and presents to unwrap, netting you plenty of freebies between now and January, including a nifty Millennium Falcon glider.

To start opening presents, hop over to the Winterfest Lodge by clicking on the snowflake tab in the lobby. The presents inside are free for everyone, but what's inside the boxes is up to you to figure out. The Millennium Falcon glider was leaked earlier today (cheers, Fortnite Insider), and you can now get your hands on it by picking the right box in the lodge. 

Instead of returning every single day to open a new present, you can open any you miss by returning before January 7. There are stocking stuffers, too, which can be earned by completing the challenges doled out by the the festive socks. There will be a new challenge every day, but once again you can get all the rewards as long as you visit the stocking before the end of the event. 

Epic is also feeling charitable towards the weapons and LTMs that it's consigned to the vault, so it's freeing a bunch of them across Winterfest. Between now and January 2, you'll be able to play through the likes of Wick's Bounty and Zone Wars. 

Winterfest is live now and will run until January 7. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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