Fortnite is getting the Monopoly treatment

It’s a rite of passage for every popular piece of media to be reimagined as a capitalist rat race. In an effort to ensure that every human on the planet owns at least one copy of Monopoly, if not 20, everything from Star Wars to Fallout has its own board. Fortnite is the latest to get the Monopoly treatment.

Epic’s worldwide creative director Donald Mustard made the announcement on Twitter, along with a glimpse of what will be inside the box. Not surprisingly, it still very much looks like Monopoly, though the streets have been replaced with familiar Fortnite locations like Tilted Towers, and it looks like passing go will net you HP instead of cash.  

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I’m not sure about those playing pieces though. They’re a bit on the large side! Each represents a popular skin—none of which are as good as a wee dog or an old boot—but on a card with a stand. They’re all going to get knocked over. 

Fortnite Monopoly is due out on October 1. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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