Fortnite is all about making music now, so put down those guns

Thanks to some diligent builders, Fortnite has now become a source of original music and surprising covers, not just Twitch subs. Fortnite’s creative mode allows builders to place musical blocks that play notes and sounds when you get close, letting you string together some simple tunes. Or, if you have a bit more time and skill, entire elaborate tracks. 

Math2607’s Electro Fortnite tune starts off simple enough, but quickly ups the ante, which is why I ended up watching it a whole bunch last night. They’ve posted another one to Reddit today, this time for Undertale fans, and it’s even more impressive: Check out the Megalovania cover.

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To create, or recreate, more complex tunes, blocks can be placed not just on the ground, but to the side and above, so with every step, multiple blocks can be activated. It must take a heck of a lot of patience, tweaking and experimentation to get right, certainly more time than I’ll ever have, but it's clearly been time well spent. 

Other maestros have been playing around with it too, using it to recreate everything from Still Dre to All Star

On the subject of music, Fortnite is also hosting a live concert, kind of, with masked EDM person Marshmello. Presumably this is an exciting prospect for the under-30s, but I confess that I'm not particularly au fait with his stuff. Is it Daft Punk for the youths? Anyway, you'll be able to watch his show at Pleasant Park on Saturday, where a man in a mask will perform music on his computer that you can then listen to on your computer. The future!

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