Fortnite gets a mounted turret and Food Fight limited time mode in v6.30 patch

Today's v6.30 Fortnite patch brings a new limited time Food Fight mode to the game, as well as the mounted turret teased for the game over the weekend. The glider's redeploy function has also been removed, as we learned earlier

Food Fight is about guarding a fast food mascot, which has always been a dream job of mine. At the start of the match, a barrier will form on the map for several minutes, dividing the teams. Your team's giant mascot head will be based in an under construction restaurant near the map's centre—you fortify the area around your mascot to keep it safe.

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"The battle of Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit has begun," reads the description. "Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier runs down the middle. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy's mascot to win the match!" In a move not dissimilar to the Splatfests in Nintendo's Splatoon 2, you can tweet your preferred team with the hashtags #TeamBurger or #TeamPizza if that's what you think social media is for. Fried chicken or GTFO. 

Playing a key role in this, based on the trailer above, is Battle Royale's new mounted turret. These legendary traps look useful and have unlimited ammo, but like all good videogame turrets, they can overheat. They can only be placed on floors, and it can be used by any player no matter what team they're on. Find them in floor loot, supply llamas, vending machines and supply drops. 

The other big news this week is that glider redeploy is being removed from all default modes, which James covered yesterday. You'll still be able to activate it in larger team modes, however, like Disco Domination and Soaring 50s. 

The big addition to Save The World this week is the addition of the Last Word revolver:

For more on what's new in v6.30, like minor bug fixes, tweaks, and other additions to Save The World, check out Epic's patch notes

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