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Fortnite developer Epic Games thought to be worth $8 billion

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James can't stop buying $20 Fortnite skins (opens in new tab). And now it appears Fortnite developer Epic Games is worth $8 billion. Go figure. 

According to Bloomberg (opens in new tab) (via (opens in new tab)), Fortnite is set to accrue $2 billion this year alone—and, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the developer is now valued between $5 billion and $8 billion. This figure includes all of Epic's business ventures, including its Unreal Engine. This also makes Tim Sweeney, Epic's CEO and founder, a billionaire. 

As reported by Tyler at the time (opens in new tab), the Chinese internet company Tencent owned 40 percent of Epic Games back in 2013. Epic was then valued at $825 million, which, for the sake of perspective, was well overshadowed by League of Legends' $1 billion microtransaction haul (opens in new tab) the following year. 

Back to the present day, and Bloomberg (opens in new tab)'s report says "based on trading multiples of peers, Electronic Arts Inc. and Activision Blizzard Inc., Epic could be worth as much as $14 billion." It does however qualify this by saying potential buyers may demand a discount regarding Fortnite's scope for sustaining revenue growth. 

I don't claim to understand the world of finance, but the battle royale's widespread global influence makes the above easy to believe. From the World Cup Final (opens in new tab) to Funko Pop figurines (opens in new tab), it doesn't look like Fortnite's appeal is faltering either.