Fortnite dance appears at World Cup 2018 final

France won the nation's second World Cup yesterday, beating Croatia 4-2 at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. France's second goal, which put Les Bleus ahead 2-1, came from a controversial penalty decision, converted by Antoine Griezmann. As you can see from the gif above, the Atlético Madrid striker turned to Fortnite for his celebration. 

Known in-game as 'Take the L', the emote entered Battle Royale as a Tier 31 reward of the third season's Battle Pass. Griezmann has performed the routine several times over the last few months, for both club and country. 

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And while I've since spotted a fair bit of eye-rolling on social media about Fortnite overlapping with professional football, I think it's pretty cool. I grew up playing football and was often derided for also enjoying videogames. I like the idea that younger people can relate to their icons via their hobby.   

Griezmann might have chosen a less inflammatory Fortnite emote, mind you. But, hey, he was in the process of bringing home his country's first World Cup in 20 years. With a similar time frame in mind (albeit the last time Scotland qualified for an international tournament), Andy took Scotland to glory in FIFA 18's Russia World Cup 2018 mode.  

Skip to the one minute mark below for Griezmann's Fortnite celebration in action.