How to defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite

Fortnite - A player points a rifle at Darth Vader who stands in the snow with an exclamation mark over his head
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Darth Vader has sent his fleet to Fortnite, and it's looking quite grim for the galaxy. If you're looking for a way to take down this big bad while scoring yourself a sweet 200 Galactic Reputation, we have all the tips you need to excel.

Where to Find Darth Vader in Fortnite 

You can spot Darth Vader in the Northern part of the Fortnite map, at the brink of two unnamed, intersecting snow and grass biomes. If you're navigating there from the battle bus you should drop north—past Brutal Bastion and further West—and aim for the grass patch by the gas station. When you arrive at the impromptu Imperial base you'll witness Darth Vader being chaperoned by fresh Stormtroopers and ready to fight.

Darth Vader is a health tank, so the most efficient way to take him down is with an Epic or higher weapon: preferably a long range Heavy Sniper Rifle or an explosive like Thunder Spears. He's also a powerful fighter, and will chunk down your health with a few lightsaber boomerang throws. Make sure you're stocked up with a healing or shielding item like a Chug Barrel or a few Chug Splashes so you can refuel if Vader has the high ground. 

It's important to note: if you're just completing this challenge for the 200 Galactic Reputation, all you need is the assist. In theory you could just toss out a few bullets into Vader from far away and simply wait for another, more equipped player to finish the fight for you. Who cares about glory?

After taking down Vader you'll be free to loot his base where you'll find DC-15 Blasters and Vader's own lightsaber which has a Force boomerang ability unlike the other ones. Oh, you'll also have stopped the First Galactic Empire from establishing full control of the Republic and prevented the titular "Star Wars." Great work!

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