Where to find Fortnite's 6 clay pigeon throwers

Fortnite Season 7 is just one week away, so it's time to finish up all those challenges you've left behind. Fortnite's skeet shooting mini-games are back, returning from a few seasons ago. A challenge in week eight of season six tasks you wit shooting clay pigeons, so we've marked the piegon thrower locations on the map below, though the video above from a few seasons back still works.

To finish the challenge, you'll need to get a score of three at unique clay pigeon throwers, meaning you can't play at the same location twice. To play, just interact with the machine, and it will shoot a clay pigeon into the air—be quick, and shoot it out of the sky for a point. Get three points and you're good to go.

The locations are mostly the same as when this challenge was available a few seasons ago. One can be found on the northeast shore of Leaky Lake, while another is found to the northern section of Lonely Lodge. Use our map to your advantage and get yourself some sweet battle stars.

Old map, same clay pigeon thrower locations.

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