Fortnite: How to get into the Catty Corner vault

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Fortnite Season 3 is here, and of course there's a ton of new challenges to fill your time and get you some extra XP. One such challenge asks you to find one of Season 3's new locations, Catty Corner, and enter its vault. You might remember the vaults from Season 2, which were typically guarded by boss characters. This one is, too, so the challenge is largely similar, but here's how to do it.

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You'll find Catty Corner where the old box factory from Season 2 resided, directly southeast of Lazy Lake. It's now been changed into Kit/Meowscles' bachelor pad, with new buildings and such.

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You'll first need to take out Kit, the mini version of Meowscles who pilots a robotic body. He's this area's boss character, so he's carrying the keycard you'll need to get into the vault. Kill him before he or any of the guard NPCs can kill you (and they'll do it fast, so be careful), then take his keycard.

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The vault is located on the west side of the small area, under a large storage container. You'll see the recognizable vault door and a keycard kiosk to interact with. Do so and the vault will start to open.

You'll get 35,000 XP for finishing the challenge, and frankly it's one of the easier challenges to complete, so long as you enter the area with some level of caution.

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