Fortnite Battle Royale reveals limited-time 'Sneaky Silencer' mode with new weapon

Fortnite's free 100-player battle royale mode welcomes its first update of the year today, bringing with it a new weapon and a stealth-driven limited-time mode. 

The new Silenced Pistol encourages players to showcase their "stealthy skills" once picked up from treasure chests, supply drops or as floor loot. Likewise, the new firearm can be found as an Epic and Legendary rarity. It looks like this:

Similar to the game's recent 50v50 mode, Sneaky Silencers is another limited-time venture that's set to run between January 5 and 8. Within, weapons are restricted to Suppressed Pistols and Suppressed SMGs, traps are disabled, and Bush disguises are subject to a "greatly increased" drop rate.

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My fondest tales from Fortnite Battle Royale have almost always come from moments of chaos, whereby everything's went to shit in flashes of explosive misadventure. With this in mind, I'm intrigued to see how matches unfold when stealth is forced upon all combatants. 

"There will be no downtime, and no update required," so says Epic via this blog post, before suggesting players keep an eye on the game's official twitter feed for more information.