Fortnite: Bat Signal locations outside of Gotham City

The Fortnite: Welcome to Gotham City challenges task you with Batman-ing your way around the battle royale game's map. One of those challenges has you running around in a Bat-frenzy to find three bat signal locations outside of the Gotham City rift zone.

Even Batman could use a little help with this one, so let us be your Alfred: Here's our guide to every bat signal location outside of Gotham City.

Fortnite Bat Signal locations

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To complete this challenge, you need to find three bat signals. This isn't an exhaustive list, but we've managed to find six so far, so take your pick. Keep in mind the bat signals aren't automatically turned on at the start of a match, so they can be a little hard to spot. They look like gray cylinders before they've been activated.

Bat signal location 1

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You'll find this bat signal in Junk Junction, on top of the building next to the basketball court.

Bat Signal location 2

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You'll find this bat signal southeast of Pleasant Park, on the mountain looking towards the meteor.

Bat Signal location 3

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You'll find this bat signal at the top of the Haunted Hills castle.

Bat Signal location 4

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In Moisty Palms, go to the easternmost tower of the prison building. It's on top there.

Bat Signal location 5

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The fifth signal we've found is at the top of the thinner mountain just east of the monster skeleton/giant sword.

Bat Signal location 6

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Go to the top of the mountain northeast of Snobby Shores and you'll find this signal at the highest elevation.

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