Where to find apples for Fortnite's healthiest challenge yet

With Fortnite Season 7 just a few weeks away, the seventh week of Season 6 challenges want to keep you healthy by asking you to eat five entire apples. A bloated, belly just brimming with fruit mash. Yum! Apples are delicious and full of nutrition (especially in the skin) but in Fortnite, they're all about giving you a plus-five health boost with each fruit. Consuming an unhealthy amount of healthy fruit isn't the real challenge though. Finding the apple locations is the tough part. You'll likely stumble into them over time, but with the long-awaited Hunting Party skin out this week, the sprint for a new skin is on. 

This week's multi-stage Battle Pass challenge first tasks you with eating apples before using bandages, med kits, and Slurp Juice, so we've highlighted some areas on the updated map where you can find apples on the ground.

The only real requirement is you'll need to be at 95 HP or lower to pick up the apples and eat them. They can be found under specific-looking trees that give birth to these red health boosters, so keep an eye out, or fly specifically to the areas marked on the map.

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