How to turn off the Fortnite ammo reticle

One of the newest additions to Fortnite is a ammo reticle that displays how many rounds you have left in a weapon. In theory, it's a nice add-on that lets players avoid glancing down at their ammo counter, saving precious milliseconds in a fight. In reality, a number of players have found it mighty distracting all on its own. Good news: We can show you how to turn off Fortnite's ammo reticle.

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Removing Fortnite's ammo reticle

First step: For some odd reason, you can only change this setting while in the middle of a match. So hop into one (we only tested it on solo, but we imagine it should work in any mode), and then enter your settings menu.  Slide over to the HUD menu, and you'll see a box that says "reticle." Simply switch that sucker off. You can also customize your UI to a fair degree in this menu, so feel free to play around with things until you're able to play the way you like.

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