Fortnite 50v50 mode is back in action

Just in time for the weekend, Fortnite's 50v50v2 mode is back in action. The mode drops two teams of 50 players on opposite sides of the island with ten minutes to loot, five minutes to fight, and then five more minutes as the storm closes in. 

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The return of the mode is a surprise, but what makes it especially unusual is that it will run side-by-side with the Thanos mode that kicked off earlier this week. That mode enables players to don the mighty Infinity Gauntlet in the game, although it confers neither the power nor the durability of Marvel's famous raisin-face. According to our resident Fortnite expert, this is the first time that Epic has run two temporary Fortnite modes simultaneously.

Epic also released a video update discussing the "Perk Recombobulator," a device coming to Save the World in the 4.2 patch that uses two new resources, Re-Perk and Perk Up, to give players the ability to tweak and upgrade the perks on their weapons and stats. 

We've got a good bit of home-grown analysis for your reading pleasure too, also courtesy of our favorite Fortnite fan, who's taken a dive into the central mystery of season 4: What's going on with Fortnite's map?

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