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Fortnite's Battle Royale mode due next week free-of-charge

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Last week, Epic Games revealed Fornite Battle Royale—a last person standing competitive arena mode for its base-building FPS Fortnite. Today, the developer has announced it'll launch on September 26 completely free-of-charge. 

Billed as a "battle bus", Battle Royale's sprawling map houses 100 players in a PUBG et al-style PvP mode that's filled with destructible scenery. When it arrives this coming Tuesday, it'll come with Squads, weapons, drop-traps and supplies—but will not be pay-to-win, so says this handy Q&A

Elsewhere on that fact sheet, Epic says vehicles and more maps are planned down the line, and that Battle Royale going free does not mean it has abandoned its Early Access-dwelling PvE campaign. At present, PvE campaigns are not interchangeable with PvP, however the dev is "considering cosmetic connections" down the line. 

Reading directly from the Q&A, here's Epic on the eligibility of refunds, should you have picked up Fortnite's base game in anticipation of Battle Royale: "If you purchased Fortnite between September 12 and September 19 to get access to Battle Royale, and you would like a refund, contact us and we’ll give you one. Fortnite Battle Royale will still be available to you for free."    

Fortnite Battle Royale is due September 26. Head this-a-way for more information.