Forget the rocket launcher, you can annihilate one of Resident Evil 4 remake's toughest bosses with a couple of eggs

Salazar in RE4 Remake
(Image credit: Capcom)

I love Ramón Salazar, Resident Evil 4's ridiculous little lord boy who manages to look like a child and an old man all at once, while somehow only being 20 years old, but his boss fight can be a bit of a chore in the recent remake. Luckily, there's a way around it: Pelt that tiny aristo with eggs.

Spotted by Polygon, the trick actually involves RE4's rare golden eggs, which you'd normally use to fully restore your health. But if you hang onto the ones you pick up long enough to use them in Salazar's boss fight, you can take him down in just a couple of tosses. It works in any difficulty mode, too: You can see Larxa, a streamer, obliterate him using the method in hardcore mode in the tweet below.

The only trouble is that golden eggs can be hard to find, and you'll probably want to use one of them to complete the Merchant's Egg Hunt request. But you can find a spare in the throne room square lock box in the castle. It's not enough to kill Salazar, but it'll ruin his day and give you a chance to finish him off with a few well-placed magnum shots.

It seems like a random, uh, easter egg, but Salazar's distaste for huevos is hinted at in a side quest called The Disgrace of the Salazar Family. There, your task is to deface a portrait of the little lord boy, but only eggs will suffice (your vast arsenal of weapons is woefully insufficient). I don't know what Salazar's beef with eggs is, but it probably explains why his skin looks like that: Man's just not getting his protein.

We rather enjoyed the new and improved Resident Evil 4 around here. PCG's Rich Stanton, a sage of all things RE, scored it 80% in his Resident Evil 4 remake review, praising its "exquisite action core" but noting that it ultimately "runs out of ideas". Of course, I don't think he knew about this whole egg thing when he wrote that, though. Perhaps the news will make him see things in a new light.

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