For Honor's Halloween event is live, complete with rubbery monster masks

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

For Honor has launched its annual Halloween event, and this year it's called Fangs of the Otherworld, which gives warriors from around spacetime the chance to don the rubbery monster masks you generally find in costume stores. There are new Battle Outfits, effects, and weapons to earn by playing the new mode, called Spooky Slashers.

It's a spin on Dominion mode in which players have to capture zones to pick up special buffs that allow them to take on demons hiding around the map. If you die, you'll drop any boosts you've picked up, so it's important to pick your fights carefully.

The event has an interesting look to it, as you can see in the trailer below. For Honor has always been about chucking anachronistic pairs of fighters into the ring together, so there's a certain logic to this Halloween event including the "guy in a suit" look from the classic Universal monster movie days.

I always appreciate those VHS tape artifact effects, too.

Fangs of the Otherworld runs until November 4, and until then you'll be able to purchase unique Halloween item packs for each hero in the in-game shop.