For Honor Halloween event returns with skeletons and smashing pumpkin heads

Last year, For Honor dived into Halloween with its Feast of the Otherworld event. This year, it's back for seconds—The Return of the Overworld is live now through November 8. 

With it comes armies of skeleton warriors, challenges, quests, rewards, and a man whose head is transformed into a pumpkin that he then lifts off and splatters over the floor. There's an sentence I didn't expect to write today.

Here's that in motion:

Tied to its recently released Marching Fire expansion, weekly Arcade Quests offer new PvE challenges, while themed community orders see factions facing off for rewards. 

"Speaking of rewards," says Ubisoft in a blog post, "new Halloween-themed goodies will let Heroes of all factions (including the recently added Wu Lin) transform into nightmarish versions of themselves with all-new Mask Outfits. Additionally, there will be new lootable items such as weapons, gear, and a new 'Moonlight Sonata' effect. 

"Be sure to check back in the second week of the event for a Jack O'Lantern emote that will get you 'ahead' of the competition in the battlefield. As with previous events, a bundle will be available that contains special event customization items. The price for this bundle changes dynamically based on what you've already looted."

Ubi adds that last year's Howl at the Moon emote has been temporarily reintroduced during the event, and that Mask outfits from Feast of the Otherworld are on sale for 10,000 Steel.