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For Honor announces its biggest expansion: 4 new heroes, new story, new 4v4 castle siege

During Ubisoft's press conference at E3 2018, For Honor creative director Roman Campos-Oriola announced a brand new expansion called Marching Fire. Supposedly its "biggest addition so far," this update adds four new heroes from the new Chinese-inspired Wulin faction, new story content, and an exciting 4v4 castle siege called Breach.

Coming October 16, 2018,  Marching Fire's four new heroes appear to use various Chinese arms like a dao sword and a bo staff. The new 4v4 castle siege mode appears to pit one team on the offense while the other fights to repel the invaders from their castle, with both sides having access to various types of siege weaponry. Campos-Oriola promised new visual enhancements too.

In addition, For Honor's starter edition is free until next Monday. You can watch this Breach walkthrough video below.

Steven is PC Gamer's contributing editor and has a nose for sniffing out the interesting and unique stories being told every day in the PC community. He likes RPGs of the MMO persuasion but doesn't have friends so regular RPGs are good too.