Football Manager 2018's overhauled scouting system explained

Since its announcement in August, Football Manager 2018 has teased information on its new graphics engine, new AI, and new Dynamics system. Now, developer Sports Interactive explains what the game's overhauled Scouting system is all about.  

Designed to better reflect how scouting operates in real life football, scouts will have a more central role in the process than previous instalments. As the video below outlines, scouts will score players out of 100 and will adjust their ratings as they learn more about each player in question. 

With a specified budget, managers can determine the level of scouting required —'General' or 'Short Term', for example—and a new centralised Scouting Centre hub collates all the data you'll need before dishing out contract offers. 

To this end, data analysts have a bigger part to play this year—all of which should ensure you make the right signings, and know when to send the underperformers out to pasture.

Here's all of that in greater detail: 

Football Manager 2018 is due November 10, 2017. More information can be found on the game's official site