Football Manager 2018's 'Dynamics' system lets you win or lose the dressing room

Football Manager 2018 is almost upon us, bringing with it a new graphics engine and a handful of new features. Perhaps the most interesting of the latter is 'Dynamics'—a system that lets you manage the inner workings of the dressing room, which can in turn affect your performance on the pitch. 

As explained in the following video, Dynamics in-game applies to three main areas: Team Cohesion, Dressing Room Atmosphere, and Managerial Support. Within, you'll manage a hierarchy of players that are ordered by influence, and a number of social groupings that considers age, length of time at the club, nationality, and results on the pitch, among a host of other variables. 

Most interestingly, failing to keep influential players onside could result in the team turning against you, while paying too much deference to top players could result in fringe players losing faith. On the face of it, the Dynamics system sounds really interesting and could act as a story generator beyond the standard FM formula. 

Here's Sports Interactive with all the above and more in greater detail:

Football Manager 2018 is due November 10, 2017. More information can be found on the game's official site