Football Manager 2017 release date set for November

The football management sim that only ever seems to depart Steam’s top ten most played games chart when being substituted for its most recent iteration has been criticised in recent times for being unnecessarily complex. An inconsistent 3D engine, not to mention the fact saves aren’t transferable year-upon-year, are likely its biggest shortcomings, yet it’s still above and beyond the master of its genre. Today, Sports Interactive and SEGA have revealed its next annual instalment is due November 4. 

Pre-purchasing from “participating digital retailers” grants players access to the game’s beta two weeks early—careers which can be continued into the full-release game. Although beyond our purview, a new mobile edition—Football Manager Touch 2017—is also en route in the coming months, which comes free-of-charge for those who purchase the main game.   

More information on all of that can be found on the Football Manager official website, however here’s an excerpt from Ben Wilson’s review of FM2016 to tide you over:

“Transfer negotiations are devilishly fun. Agree a fee for a player and you’re invited to sit down with his agent to negotiate not only a wage, but clauses such as promotion pay rises and even his fee for being an unused sub. It’s especially amusing to toy with the middle man by upping your target’s salary to slightly more than that requested, then greatly reducing his personal cut. 

“At lower league clubs, such penny pinching plays a vital role in your chances of long-term success—one major signing’s weekly appearance fee might cover the wages of three less-talented squad players. Which do you choose? Why are you lying awake at 2am in the morning pondering this? Because that’s the very essence of Football Manager.” 

Football Manager 2017 is due November 4.