Football Manager 2015 is coming this November

Sega has announced, and announced the release date for, Football Manager 15 in the span of a single press release. No countdown sites, no mysterious teaser trailers, no publicity stunts—just your straightforward announcement, with a few paragraphs of fluff, and a logo. We'll have to wait until October to hear about the game's new features, but in the meantime Sega has revealed the existence of the curiously-cased inSIder tie-in site , which appears to be a sort of email subscription thingy with added discounts and that.

True to their word, Sega haven't dropped a scrap of info about this latest Football Manager, aside from the fact that you can choose to be a manager in "more than 50 countries across the world, including all of Europe's biggest leagues". If you're interested in the series, you should have a read of this diary for a tale of one amalgamated manager's descent into madness.

Tom Sykes

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