Football Manager 2013 release date announced, pre-orders come with beta access

Attention, ballfoot fans! Get out the iron and flatten out those touchline suits. The latest iteration of Football Manager will go live on Steam at one minute past midnight on November 02, and you can get in two weeks early if you pre-order from one of these places .

That's according to an announcement post on the Football Manager 2012 site , which explains that the beta version "will be very close to the final game." It'll include "FM, classic mode & challenges," but no network game. Beta saves will be compatible with the full game when it's released.

You can hear about this year's updates, and the new classic mode, from the ever-affable Miles Jacobson in our Football Manager 2013 interview . If you'd rather get the goods via your eyes have a look at the Football Manager 2013 announcement video .

Tom Senior

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