Football Manager 2011 demo out Thursday

Football Manager 2011

Football Manager 2011 is out soon, dooming many of us to dozens of hours of horribly addictive management action. If you really, really can't wait, then you'll be glad to know there's a demo coming to Steam on Thursday.

The demo will come in two flavours. The 'strawberry' version, as Sports Interactive are calling it, will feature 12 playable leagues including England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The smaller, 'vanilla' version will contain the English and Scottish leagues.

The strawberry demo will hit Steam on Thursday, with both the strawberry and vanilla versions becoming available for direct download from the Sports Interactive and Football Manager sites on Friday.

For more information on what's new in the latest edition of the huge management sim, check out our preview and our interview with Sports Interactive's studio director, Miles Jacobson. Football Manager 2011 is slated for release on November 5th.

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