Football Manager 2012 unofficial winter transfer updates keep your rosters current

Football Manager 2012

The January football transfer window has slammed shut with the roar of a billion bank notes changing hands, and the echoing wail of the odd player who gets loaned to Millwall when all they really want is to play for Manchester United. Football Manager players will have to wait a few more weeks for the official transfer patch to arrive and update their rosters, until then, FMScout have compiled a couple of useful unofficial updates from around the web.

The data packs can be installed by unzipping each file to the Editor Data directory in My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manger 2012. The Pr0 update from the FM Greek forums reshuffles 18,000 players across Europe. LFCMarshall's update on FM Base does a similar job, but also makes changes to many players ability values to reflect their current form.

If you're not to keen on those, FMScout also mention that the reputable WeeGiE patch is due to hit the Sports Interactive forums this week.

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