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First screenshots of Survarium's London map released

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London Survarium

Survarium developer Vostock is planning to turn London into an uninhabitable wasteland. Let's be honest, they won't have to work too hard.

Sick London burns aside, the post-apocalyptic shooter's June update will add the city to the current PvP mode. The once bustling metropolis will appear as a desolate sand-covered wasteland. You can see the first screenshots of this new map below, and read about the nature of the city's destruction over at the Survarium official site (opens in new tab).

Screen London 1

Screen London 2

You can play Survarium, for free, right now. In beta, it currently contains only the PvP arena mode. A bigger, more ambitious "free play" mode is also in the works. For more, check out Chris L's recent hands-on impressions (opens in new tab).

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