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First Defiance gameplay trailer shows off massively-multiplayer bug shooting

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At PAX East today, Trion Worlds released the first ever gameplay footage of its upcoming cooperative MMO shooter Defiance . The video takes place in "a terraformed land reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay Area" and makes those in PC Gamer's South San Francisco office glad there are no such things as "Hellbugs," which make bed bugs seem awfully cuddly.

As if being a multi-platform (PC, 360, PS3) cooperative MMO shooter wasn't enough, Defiance is also a television series which will air on Syfy. According to Trion and Syfy, the show and game will influence each other, with "actions in both mediums driving the overall story." There's new information about the show on the official site .

In addition to the trailer, a set of new screenshots has also crawled out of the Boston convention:

Tyler Wilde

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