First Back to the Future trailer has arrived, Doc is in trouble

back to the future trailer thumb

The first trailer for the upcoming Back to the Future adventure games has arrived. Marty McFly is alone in the present, and money men are looking to sell off Doc's lab. The time travelling DeLorean reappears in the nick of time and McFly sets off to find the Doc. As well as giving us a look at the game's clean faced graphical style, the trailer also reveals the titles of each of the five episodes. You'll find the video embedded below

The first of the five episodes is due out later this month, and can still be pre-ordered from the Back to the Future site. The trailer reveals that the episodes will be released this month, then in February, March and April thereafter. The finale remains undated. Hopefully the first episode hits sooner rather than later, Doc looks so sad behind bars.

[via Gametrailers ]

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