Firefall patch 1.1 now live, brings new weapons, elemental damage

Firefall? More like Bio fall. Er, by which I mean the newly released Firefall patch adds elemental weapon modifiers, letting your guns rain down biological as well as thermal destruction. There's electricity, plasma and laser types, too, but Electrofall doesn't really work. It's a massive update, and a new video runs down just some of what it includes.

In addition, the world is being populated with more events and encounters. New dynamic events will bring Chosen death squads and "loot piñatas", and the Kanaloa the Destroyer boss has been upgraded for a new "hard mode" instance. There's also a new live event. In Codename: Crossfire, Chosen will spawn around the world to be taken down for new achievements and rewards.

You can see the full patch rundown here. It's a big list, but then, Firefall was a game in need of a lot of changes. As I explained in the review , it's a game that sits awkwardly between MMO and shooter. There's little that couldn't be improved, though, and so it's good to see that major changes are happening.

Phil Savage

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