Final Rift hardware and SDK 1.0 shipping to devs

Final Oculus Rift

"Imminently shipping". Now there's a strange phrase to see in an Oculus Rift press release. If you are a developer imminently shipping your Rift game, the final Rift hardware and SDK version 1.0 will be winging its way towards you this week.

I feel like I've woken up from stasis a few years on from where I was, but of course the Rift is coming out in the first three months of next year, and of course that means there will be games for it—we already know that Eve: Valkyrie will be shipping with every Rift (Andy thinks it's great, and I defer to him in all things space).

If you've been developing a Rift launch title but forgot to mention it to anyone, you can still use the Oculus submission tool to have it approved and get the new hardware. Developers making Rift games that won't be released at launch will have to lump it with DK2 and SDK 0.8.