This slick SNES-inspired Bluetooth controller is $10 off right now

Feed your nostalgia by saving $10 on this SNES-inspired Bluetooth Controller
Amazon has dropped the price on 8bitdo's awesome Sn30 Pro+ to $40. (Image credit: 8bitdo)

The Super Nintendo-inspired 8bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth gamepad is on sale for $40 on Amazon, the cheapest we've seen this six-button controller since Black Friday. 

Aside from the nostalgic color scheme, we're big fans of the level of customization offered by the 8Bitdo Ultimate Software, which can be used to adjust trigger sensitivity and create custom macros. The controller itself uses a 1000mAh rechargeable battery pack and charges via USB-C, and looks something like an SNES controller crossed with a PlayStation controller.

This controller also works with the Nintendo Switch, which is a nice bonus if you've been playing Animal Crossing—trapping spiders or collecting coconuts or whatever it is you do in Animal Crossing. At $40 it is cheaper and easier to find than a Switch Pro Controller. Just note that it is a third-party controller so it won't be able to wake up your Switch like a first-party controller. 

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad| $40 (save $10)

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad| $40 (save $10)
A great, modern take on a classic controller with Bluetooth, a motion sensor, and a rechargeable battery. This is its lowest price yet.

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