Farming Simulator 22: How to get water to your farm

Farming Simulator 22
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In Farming Simulator 22, water is crucial to the health of your farm, especially if you have livestock like cows or chickens or if you built a greenhouse to grow crops like strawberries and tomatoes. Both animals and greenhouses need lots of water, but it's not immediately obvious how to actually get water and take it where it needs to go.

Luckily, once you know what to do it's pretty easy, and there are a few different methods and types of equipment you can use. Below we'll tell you everything you need to know about getting water in Farming Simulator 22.

Farming Simulator 22 water tank

You've probably guessed that you need a water tank of some sort, but the store menu in Farming Simulator 22 is huge and with so many different types of equipment it's hard to know where to even look.

Since water is primarily used for your animals, that's where to start. In the store menu (press P to open it) navigate to the Tools menu (the icon looks like a trailer). From there, navigate to the Animals menu (scroll down, it's in the 6th row). 

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You'll find three tanks to choose from: The Joskin is the smallest and can only be used for water. The lizard MKS 8 is a little bigger and can also be used to transport milk and other liquids, so you may want to consider this if you have cows. The Lizard MKS 32 is huge, can be used for water and other liquids, and will need a truck instead of a tractor to pull it. Buy or lease whichever suits your needs, then hook it up to your tractor or truck outside the shop.

Farming Simulator 22: Filling your water tank

There are a couple ways to get water, and one is completely free. Just drive your tank to a body of water like a pond, lake, or river, back your tank up to it, and fill 'er up. You'll see a prompt on the vehicle controls dropdown when you're close enough telling you to press R to fill your tank. Just be careful! Backing your tank down to the water's edge can be tricky and as your tank fills it gets heavier so it can be difficult to drive away if you're on a steep incline. Filling a large tank also takes quite a bit of time. A meter at the bottom of the screen will show how much water you've gathered.

Farming Simulator 22: Building a water tank

Another option is building a water tank somewhere on your property that you can refill your towed tank with. This is much more convenient since it'll probably be closer to your animals and greenhouse than a river or pond, but it'll cost money to build it and you'll be charged every time you use it.

Open the building menu by pressing Shift-P, then under Buildings navigate to the Containers tab. The water tank is at the far end and costs $3,000. You can place it on any unobstructed spot on your property.

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When you pull up beside it you'll see the same prompt to refill (R) but you'll also see it's charging you money for every liter you fill. It's not that expensive, but if you're a budget-conscious farmer you may prefer to fill up for free at ponds and rivers instead.

Finally, on the building menu under Silo Extensions, there's a supplementary water tank you can build. It costs $2,100 and it's meant to be placed near greenhouses, though at the moment it doesn't appear to be working. They can't be filled with your towed tank and they don't appear to add additional water storage to the greenhouses they're next to. For now, it might be wise not to buy and build these.

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