Far Cry 5 co-op trailer flaunts quad bikes, jet planes and tractors

As Andy told us back in May, co-operative play in Far Cry 5 will be available across the game's entire campaign. Now, by way of a new trailer, Ubisoft has shown us how that'll look in motion. 

Short of Steve Martin and John Candy, it's all a bit Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Have a gander for yourself:

I must admit: I do fancy taking those tractors for a spin. Unlike its main series forerunner Far Cry 4, where co-op play was reserved for specific side quests, the next Far Cry will let players band together immediately following the game's tutorial.  

Earned experience and items (excluding quest-based trinkets) will carry over following each co-op session, however it's the host player who keeps their story progress each time. 

"To help players in their mission to take down the cult, the host player will still be able to recruit 'Guns For Hire' or 'Fangs for Hire' keeping in mind that you can have up to two buddies, with one being another player, join you in your squad," says Ubisoft in a statement. "Far Cry 5 'Friends For Hire' two-player co-op will allow players to explore Hope County and take down the Project at Eden’s Gate in a surprising and chaotic new fashion expanding the possibility of the game’s open world."

Far Cry 5 is due February 27, 2018 on PC. Here's seven things we've learned about its sandbox so far, and here's why James enjoys the fact it's goofy as hell