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Far Cry 4 Blood Dragon isn't out of the question, says Ubisoft

The second thing everyone no doubt thought about after Far Cry 4 was announced (the first was "Oh, cool! What the flying hell is that villain wearing?") was if there'd be a Blood Dragon-like spin-off to follow. Last night, I sat down with Far Cry 4's creative director Alex Hutchinson and asked if that would be the case. Rather than getting a no comment, he gave positive signs that something 'outlandish' could be in the offing.

"I think it was cool because the guys that worked on that, it was fun to say that a DLC didn't have to be irrelevant and you could take some risks with it and do something outlandish," Hutchinson told me at a preview event in which myself and PC Gamer's Evan Lahti trundled into a fort on elephant back and got shot. "So I think that's the DNA of the brand, along with a challenging new antagonist and a whole new environment. Whatever we choose to do with the smaller spin-off projects, I think we've now decided it's good for everybody, for the fans and for us, to do something outlandish. We haven't decided yet but I'm sure you'll be surprised."

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a fun rethink of the main game featuring cybersharks, giant monsters and Michael Biehn. I'm sure there's a fun spin on Far Cry 4's mountain setting to be had, possibly involving yetis or demonic versions of the elephant steeds in the Ubisoft sequel.

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