Far: Changing Tides is a lonely post-apocalyptic voyage, coming late 2021

During this year's PC Gaming Show, indie developer Okomotive announced its newest contemplative adventure game Far: Changing Tides. It's a direct follow up to the studio's previous game, Far: Lone Sails, but instead of driving a beaten-up vehicle across a wasted landscape, this time you'll be sailing through uncharted waters.

I loved Far: Lone Sails back when it first released three years ago, and it looks like this sequel will be following closely in its slipstream. You're tasked with piloting a ship across a waterlogged world, scavenging for ship parts to desperately keep your hulking machine moving forward. Changing Tides looks to be a quietly meditative adventure that uses atmospheric and environmental hints to convey its post-apocalyptic story.

One part of the trailer that particularly caught my attention was when your tiny character leaves the ship. In Lone Sails, you could only really explore the immediate area surrounding the ship, but it's totally different here. Changing Tides lets you traverse dry land, explore abandoned cities, climb rickety towers, and even dive into the depths of the ocean. The trailer shows the character discovering an underwater graveyard full of broken ships. Hopefully, that won't be your fate.

Together with developer and publisher Frontier Foundry, Okomotive will be launching Far: Changing Tides sometime towards the end of 2021 on Steam and the Epics Games Store. That gives you plenty of time to check out Lone Sails.  

Rachel Watts

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