Fans remaking Capcom's cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 prototype for PC

I've spent a lot of time over the last six years writing about Nintendo games, and my most crushing Nintendo-related disappointment during that time was probably the announcement, and subsequent cancellation, of Mega Man Legends 3 . It was to be a game designed, in part, by the fans - Capcom spent a lot of time consulting with the fanbase on their now-defunct Devroom site. Their plan was to release a MGS: Ground Zeroes-style prototype/prologue version on the 3DS eShop, before following up with the full game at a later date. That seemingly-fairly-complete prototype was later axed by Capcom, along with the whole miserable, hopes-raising project.

Why am I going on about this, and how does it relate to PC gaming? Well the fans have decided to make MML3: Prototype Version on their own, in Unity - and based on the first blast of gameplay footage, it seems to be coming along extraordinarily well.

You'll want to skip to around the 4:27 mark, an act that sadly won't remove that awful music, but will give you a good look at how the project is coming along. For reference, here's the original trailer for Capcom's version of the prototype, now firmly enveloped in the musty aroma of dashed dreams. This new, unofficial Unity version doesn't quite match up to the original, but it appears to be a pretty good imitation, with development team JisakuDASH3 using the official assets where they can. Assuming Capcom doesn't put the kibosh on the whole thing - and, unlike Sega, they don't really have a history of this - it will be wonderful to see this project realised in some form.

You can keep up with development via the website , but you will need to be able to read Japanese (or be able to make sense of Google's autotranslate).

(Via Destructoid and Rockman Corner )

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