Fallout 76 on PC is now just £29.47 in the UK

In tandem with the steep discounts our US colleagues have noted, you can get Fallout 76 from Green Man Gaming in the UK for just £29.47. Once you've added it to your basket, you have to go to this voucher code page, where you'll see an extra 12 percent off code at the top. Apply that at checkout, and the price comes down. As a reminder, the game was only released 11 days ago.

Fallout 76 | £29.47 (save £20.40)
Buy it from Green Man Gaming

Fallout 76 | £29.47 (save £20.40)
It was only released last week, and now it's a huge £20 off the initial asking price. It's far from our favourite Fallout game, but if you're curious and think it might be for you, this is a hefty discount. Just use the voucher code at the top here. Buy it from Green Man Gaming

Amazon UK has also discounted Fallout 76 on PC to £36. The only difference with the physical version is that it comes with some shiny pin badges, if that's your sort of thing. 

I really enjoyed Chris's review of Fallout 76, which falls firmly in the PC Gamer scoring bracket of 'can only be recommended with major caveats'. 

"Despite the considerable issues with the PC version, I've still had long stretches of fun with Fallout 76. I really wish PvP had more at stake than lost junk (or at least more willing participants) but the world retains a lot of what I love about Bethesda's previous RPGs with finely crafted environments, enjoyable weapons and crafting, and surprising little scraps of story to uncover and investigate. Like Valley Galleria, though, it doesn't take long to for the shine to fade, the once-fascinating areas to lose their wonder among the mobs of identical enemies I've killed there time and time again. "

The least accurate part of this review, it turns out, is the bit that says 'Expect to pay: $60'. 

Fallout 76's beta was slowly growing on me after a rough intro, and I loved what I saw of its massive world. But I must admit, instead of playing the full game like I thought I would, I'm just mainlining the excellent Hitman 2 instead. GMG has discounted that by 24 percent.

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