Bethesda has plans for Fallout 5, but don't expect to hear about it anytime soon

The Pip Boy from the Fallout series being the benevolent hacker he is
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Fallout will continue, Bethesda boss Todd Howard has revealed. Just don't expect to be getting your hands on another post-apocalyptic RPG for quite some time.

In a recent interview with IGN, Howard was asked if Bethesda had future plans for Fallout—particularly considering that Bethesda's recent acquisition by Microsoft places it alongside Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian, raising (admittedly slim) hopes for future collaborations in the same vein.

"We've worked with other people from time to time, I can't say what's gonna happen," Howard told IGN when asked if Bethesda would ever consider handing off the franchise to another studio. "I'd like to find a way to accelerate what we do, but I can't really say today or commit to what's going to happen."

During the interview, Howard does stress that Bethesda has written a "one-pager" for Fallout 5, very roughly outlining potential plans for the next mainline game. But whatever form it comes in (or whoever ends up developing it), Bethesda won't be fully committing to a new Fallout for at least the next few years.

"Our cadence is Starfield, and then Elder Scrolls 6."

The first of those, Starfield, is currently set to release next November, and Bethesda has been steadily trickling out more details, from its factions and systems to, err, a pleasure dome where you can get blazed on alien fish. The Elder Scrolls 6 remains much more of a mystery, though some fans reckon a smudge on the Starfield trailer may have teased its location.

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