Fallout 4 is free this weekend on Steam for the first time ever

Fallout 4 is pretty fantastic, but it's also been out for well over a year and so there must be a reason if you haven't played it by now, right? If that reason happens to be price (which is still hanging in at the $60 mark), then get ready to rub your face in the post-nuclear future, because beginning tomorrow and until May 28, Bethesda is making the game free to play on Steam

The free weekend will kick off at 7 am ET/10 am PT on May 25, and run until 10 am ET/1 pm PT on May 28. During that time, players will have full access to all Fallout 4 base content and mods. And if, when it's all over (or anytime during the freebie), you find yourself hooked, you'll be able to pick up the game and the season pass on sale for up to 67 percent off. Sale pricing will be in place until 7 am ET/10 am PT on May 29. 

Speaking of mods, here's one that vastly improves settlements, here's one that turns your shotgun into a landscaping tool, and here's one that lets you take people hostage and rob them. Hey, the apocalypse is a rough neighborhood.

Andy Chalk

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