Intimidation Overhaul mod for Fallout 4 lets you tie up and rob pacified NPCs

I love the Intimidation perk in Fallout 4: it makes sense that even the most psychotic raider might surrender when looking down the barrel of a nasty shotgun, and it lends a little sensibility to NPCs who otherwise seem to have no concept of self-preservation. Even with three ranks in Intimidation, however, your options are limited when it comes to what you can do with an enemy you've pacified.

The Intimidation Overhaul mod gives you a few more choices, as new dialogue options become available when you successfully pacify someone. You can now demand they turn over their caps, turning you into a proper stick-up artist. You can also tell them to amscray, and they'll flee the scene. Once they're running, it no longer matters if you holster your weapon. They'll just keep fleeing, forever convinced of your superiority.

Got a pair of handcuffs? Put them to use: the pacified NPC will kneel to the ground and you can bind them. And, same as someone you tell to flee, a bound NPC won't revolt if you holster your weapon, and won't aggro if you leave the area and return. You can also calm someone you've intimidated and put into frenzy, meaning they'll stop attacking and return to a docile state.

This is all good news for players who don't always want to kill everyone they meet, and adds a few extra layers to an already enjoyable perk. You can find Intimidation Overhaul at Nexus Mods.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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