Fallout 4 mod turns your shotgun into a landscaping tool

We've seen some weird, whacky and wonderful mods grace Fallout 4's Commonwealth since its late 2015 launch, however it seems there's always room for more. After launching his Trash Collection mod last week, GenghisKhanX is back with another designed to further spruce up toxic Boston. 

Named The Beautifier, this mod lets players restore some greenery to the ever-ailing wasteland with one crucial catch: you do so with a shotgun. 

Which naturally leads to some pretty hilarious scenes as you take aim and batter out clumps of grass, reeds, rose bushes, decorative rocks and more to your heart's content. The creatives among us will produce some wonderful gardens I'm sure, however the the forceful application involved here reminds me of the shotgun shots from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Nevertheless, here's GenghisKhanX with his latest in motion (there's a wee bit of lag at the video's beginning):

Pretty cool, huh? I've not had a chance to take this one for a spin yet, however I was amused by one commenter on the mod's Nexus page who inadvertently covered a couple a couple of hostile raiders in grass after forgetting he or she had the lawn shotgun equipped. 

As GenghisKhanX notes in the mod's description, The Beautifier can be crafted under the same name at any chem station. You can download The Beautifier from its Nexus Mods page.