This Fortnite Creative map is Fall Guys on hard mode

fall guys fortnite map code
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Fall Guys is everywhere. Players are, quite literally, descending on its vibrant, treacherous world by the thousands. There are already Fall Guys mods for Resident Evil 3 and Skyrim, and they'll just be the beginning. 

It's been a bright, hectic salve in dark times, too. Unlike other last-player-standing games like Warzone and PUBG, there's no, violence, murder, or guns—the closest thing you get to fighting is some light grabbing on the finish line or a spiteful shove on Perfect Match—which is refreshing.

Now there's a homage to Fall Guys in its relatively violent battle royale cousin; It was only a matter of time before it was adapted into the one of many Fortnite Creative codes. 'Tumble Lads' is a collection of seven levels in the style of Mediatonic's knockout battle royale game, but in Fortnite. That means if you haven't shelled out for Fall Guys on Steam or picked it up gratis on PS Plus, you can get a hint of the multiplayer sensation taking over the world for free. It doesn't come that close to the real thing, but it's surprisingly faithful from the three experienced creators at 3D Lab in a short space of time.

Naturally, anyone who's spent anytime with Fall Guys will know the deal here: There are five rounds, and the last player remaining wins. The difference is it's for up to 16 players, there are seven stages, and there's no crown to grab at the end. Otherwise it's a decent recreation, and while there are close copies in terms of level design like Door Bash, 3D Lab also has a few ideas of its own: Tumble Crumble puts everybody in a tower with layers of degrading tiles that wobble and disintegrate the longer they're stepped on, with the players that succeed in not falling to their slimy doom progressing to the next round.

The linear levels fit pretty well in Fortnite Creative, given the similarities they have with one of the more popular genres of the game's user-created levels, Fortnite deathrun codes, which have you attempting to reach the end of an assault course with your life intact. But while your average linear Fall Guys level is simpler and more about racing, Tumble Lads' toughest gauntlet is closer to a deathrun: Gobble Hole.

I can't stand Gobble Hole. Just in case you haven't giggled away at one of my past attempts on it, here's another chance to scroll down to that tragic gif at the bottom of this page. Now, let me get my excuses in early. I've never really got on with the movement in Fortnite—it's just too floaty and imprecise—and accuracy is important in stages like this.

Gobble Hole is a nightmare, and I'm not just talking about the vomit-inducing, E-number-fueled fever dream of lurid colours and floating eyes and magenta slime distracting you. Checkpoints, marked by llama-adorned flags are a touch too sparse, and there's a whole mess of electrified bumpers that bang you about like a terrified pinball. I was more concerned whether I could even get to the end, let alone get there first.

Regardless, while Fall Guys is still the place to go for ultimate knockout action with various grab-happy Gordon Freemans and bean burgers, Tumble Lads is still a fun distraction if you find yourself in Fortnite's user-generated realm.

Fall Guys Fortnite map code: How to play

If you want to give the Fall Guys Fortnite map a go and, like me, haven't spent much time in Creative, here's how to get involved. Instead of selecting 'Battle Royale' when you boot Fortnite, hit 'Creative' instead. Then, now that you're in the lobby screen, start the game as you would a battle royale match, and select 'Play' mode. 

When you're in the zone full of game portals to walk through, sidle up to the featured ones, but not fully into them. A keypad should appear on the right: Input the following code to play Tumble Lads: 536194962479.

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