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Fall Guys skins: Godzilla stomps in to take your Crowns

Fall Guys Godzilla skin
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

There are new Fall Guys (opens in new tab) skins and other items added to the item shop every few days—new Fall Guys costumes, colors, patterns, faces, emotes, and celebrations to buy for your bean and wear while you compete. Featured items in the Fall Guys Item Shop are regularly cycled out and new items become available.

You can buy Fall Guys items with Kudos and Crowns—Kudos are earned every time you play Fall Guys, and you can also spend real money to buy more. Crowns are earned by winning matches, and you also gain a few Crowns just by reaching milestones in the Fall Guys Season 1 progress meter. You can't spend money to buy Crowns. They have to be earned!

Regular items in the shop are randomized, so different players will see different items in their shops. But Featured Items are the same for everyone. Here are the featured items you'll find in the Fall Guys Item Shop today:

Godzilla costume top, Legendary: 5 Crowns
Godzilla costume bottom,
Legendary: 5 Crowns
Arcane color, Rare: 1700 Kudos

(Image credit: Fall Guys skins)

Every Fall Guys Skin so far

Below is gallery of Fall Guys skins that have been featured in the item shop previously. If you see one you like, check back—they're bound to return again. We'll update this story whenever new Fall Guys skins, emotes, patterns, and colors become available.

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